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We hope our website will be of use to knowledgeable and less initiated Tolkien fans alike.

It is not our aim to compete with the many, many websites on the net devoted to all things Tolkien, but we felt that it might be of interest to add to the pot with some information of our own !

We are proud to say that the website will be to a large extent multilingual - English, French, and Spanish - This we felt to be an important gesture, to remind us all that the internet isn't entirely anglophone, and that the Tolkien readership is certainly not limited to the English-speaking world.

When completed, the website will contain a relatively exhaustive "catalogue" of works written by J.R.R. Tolkien (or at any rate those that are easily obtainable). We hope with this to remind the aficionados of Middle-earth of the many other works (published during his lifetime and posthumously) that the author wrote and believed in. It must be said in any case that there are few of his writings where Middle-earth and Faery are not somewhere to be found...

We will also be publishing a selection of articles (both selective and subjective) on various subjects of Tolkien "studies", and "learning" ; the intention being to bring to a wider audience some areas of study that although certainly suited to specialist study, can also be of great interest, and may be unfairly viewed as too technical and abstruse for the Tolkien reader. An important subject for instance is the study of Tolkien's languages and alphabets, fascinating creations in themselves, and viewed by the author himself as the very foundation of his Legendarium.

To escape from the written word a little, there will also be a Gallery section, with a selection of art from J.RR. Tolkien's very extensive "portfolio" - Although he himself always remained very modest, refusing to be considered as a visual artist, there are some quite unexpected and surprising images to be seen, as well as some hitherto unpublished maps, annotated by the author, and a selection of calligraphy.

All in all, the website should amount to maybe a hundred pages per language, with a more extensive F.A.Q. than the one that is online at present, plus various other features that we'd like to keep to ourselves for awhile still !

The graphic design for the site will resemble closely the design for this temporary mini-site, and was entirely conceived and executed by hic&nunc! from Marseille, France, who also designed the introduction animation.

All illustrations are the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, except for the cover illustration for The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún, taken from carvings illustrating the legend on the doors of the 12th century church of Hylestad in Norway, and the cover illustration for The Children of Húrin, by Alan Lee.

This mini-site was developed by Evolix, in Marseille, and the main website is being entirely developed using open-source solutions by the team of Presta Module also from Marseille.

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