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All websites are to some extent a work in progress, and while some sections of our website are relatively static (we won't for instance be adding to the WRITING section unless a new original work is published), this F.A.Q. really will be in constant evolution.

We will be adding regularly to the various selected categories which cover many different aspects of the author's life and work, and we hope they will be both useful and enjoyable to private enquirers, academics, the press, and commercial requests alike.

Also, as many questions that we receive regularly are answered here, and we are not equipped to deal with a vast amount of incoming mail, we apologize but we will not be able to reply directly to questions and requests that have already been dealt with in this F.A.Q. - Please take the time to go through it carefully before contacting us!

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I like J.R.R. Tolkien's works. Could you give me writing tips for my own novel?

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